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Six Best Interactive Biology Websites!

If you are like me, you have spent hours trying out one interactive biology website after another, only to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Many of them are overly complicated, or require so many instructions that the message of the activity is lost to your students.
Compiled here are six of the best interactive biology websites. These online activities are well designed and easy for students to understand! Post includes tips for how to use the activities with your students.

Remote Learning Using Padlet to Teach Digital Lessons

You and I are probably in the same boat – trying to figure out how to take months of instruction and make it available to your students for Remote Learning. There are many ways to do this, the learning curves of some ways are steeper than others! That is why I love Padlet. Learn how to use Padlet to teach a digital lesson with student interaction and feedback. Remote learning made simple and effective.

Results! Classroom Management & 21st Century Skills

Learn how this teacher used a points system and the 21st Century Skills as a classroom management tool. Read this post to find out how to let parents know about the Plan,
how to tell students they have lost a point without embarrassing them or engaging in a power struggle, and the results in the classroom! Did it work?


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