Daily Differentiation in the Classroom with Google Forms

Using Google Forms for Daily Differentiation in the Classroom

Differentiation in the classroom is one of the best ways to meet students where they are, and move them forward. But how do you find which students need re-teaching, or just a bit of extra practice, or are ready for something more?

Daily monitoring of student progress is so important – but it does not have to be hard, or take a long time!  This simple and fast method lets Google Forms do all the work!


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4 Ways to Build Relationships During Distance Learning

Four ways to build relationships during distance learning

Many of us are starting the school year doing virtual classes. It is a tough situation – for a lot of reasons. I think the worst part is how difficult it will be to connect with my students. This blog post came out of a deep need for ways to build relationships during distance learning. It is also a sincere invitation to offer your own ideas that we can all benefit from.

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ClassTag: New Favorite Tool for Teacher Communication with Parents & Students

ClassTag: The perfect all-in-one tool for teacher parent communication

Teacher communication with parents and students is always important. Somehow, though, I imagine that this coming year communication will be even more essential. There will likely be (many) days that I do not see my students in person. Parents will need to be in close connection with the workings of the classroom and the school. I need a communication tool that can do…a lot.

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eLearning Project: Make a Gif With Google Slides

Student Project to make an animated Gif with Google Slides

Many teachers in the country are in the same boat right now. We are all searching for ways to engage and motivate our students from afar. Not an easy task!

My own principal keeps reminding us to focus on quality over quantity. Every assignment has to be worth the time to complete it (for the student) and to grade it (for the teacher). It must be both rich in learning and obtainable for students who have less support at home.

That is why I love this particular assignment idea so much – it does all these things and is adaptable to just about any subject.

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Six Best Interactive Biology Websites!

teach biology interactive websites

If you are like me, you have spent hours trying out interactive biology websites, only to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Many of them are overly complicated, or require so many instructions that the message of the activity is lost to your students. 

Compiled here are six of the best interactive biology websites. These online activities are well designed and easy for students to understand. Post includes tips for how to use the activities with your students.

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Remote Learning Using Padlet to Teach Digital Lessons

Remote Learning

You and I are probably in the same boat – trying to figure out how to take months of instruction and make it available to students for Remote Learning. There are many ways to do this, the learning curves of some ways are steeper than others! That is why I love Padlet. Padlet provides a simple and easy way to give students notes, videos, links, and instructions – with their responses – all in one place, and all online.

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How to Make Digital Lessons with Google Forms

Teach Digital Lessons using Google Forms

Here is a fast, simple way to make digital lessons using Google Forms! Google Forms provides an easy, organized way to present information and guide students through a lesson.

Digital lessons are great for differentiation for your students, making Distance Learning work, or when you turn over your class to a sub! BONUS: Free Google Forms digital lesson template available at the bottom of the post! Fully editable for use in your own classroom!


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Best Way to do Test Corrections: Simple & Engaging

Best Way to do Test Corrections

We all want our students to learn from their mistakes. Tests are not just a grade, but a measure of where a student’s understanding is. We want to help fill in the gaps. This usually includes going over the test, or some form of test corrections. 

But what is the best way to do test corrections? I was searching for a way that truly helped students learn from their mistakes, but did not take up a lot of time. I needed a test correction method that was meaningful, and motivated even hard-to-motivate students.

And I found it! It even works for Distance Learning!

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Forensic Science Autopsy Activity for High School

Teach Forensic Science! How to create a Forensic Autopsy for your students.My favorite subject to teach is Forensic Science. It is the perfect mix of applied Biology, Chemistry, Math, and the Yuck-Factor that students just love!

And no topic in Forensic Science has more ‘yuck’ than the study of dead bodies. Students look forward to this unit all year! They are never disappointed.

Reading, hearing, and seeing pictures about Autopsies  just doesn’t cut it. Students need hands-on experience to really learn and appreciate the work of Forensic Medical Examiners.

But murder victims are had to come by for use in the classroom!

So in my forensic science class, we use Rats. This post is all about how to turn a Rat into a murder victim!

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