BUNDLE AP Biology Full Year Curriculum Review/Learning Guides

Full Year of AP Biology review/learning guides for every unit. Aligned to the AP Biology Course and Exam Description!Review and learning resources for the whole year – all eight units in the AP Biology Curriculum. This resource is designed to help guide your AP Biology students to learn, study, and review all of the topics in each Unit.

Students will know exactly what College Board expects them to learn. Each AP Bio Essential Standard is written out on the left side of the paper, with focused, alined, open ended questions on the right side for students to work through.

Review and Study Questions for each Learning Objective for all eight Units!

Product includes a link to a digital copy of this document. Open it in Google Docs and then make a copy for your own Google Drive to edit as needed!

PLUS you can share with your students to complete digitally!

Answer Keys are included for all eight units!

** BONUS ** Save hours of time searching for resources to teach with! Purchase includes a curated list of links to 243 FREE extra resources – arranged and organized for each unit topic. These are resources I use myself, so if you have questions about any of them, just ask! The list includes links to online interactive activities, video clips, and Lab ideas and classroom activities for your students, each one aligned to the AP Biology curriculum.

My AP Biology students benefit tremendously from having quick access to the Essential Knowledge standards and these guiding questions. After going through each set, they feel confident they are ready for the Test!

This resource can be used several ways:

  • While going through a Unit as a working document, a learning guide, students can add to it as they read though the text book or listen to lecture
  • To complete just before a Unit test as a study guide
  • At the end of the semester to prepare for the AP Biology Exam

It is helpful to have students begin a Unit by going through the Essential Knowledge itself, highlighting key vocabulary.  This gives them a good foundation to grow from, they know what to look for and what is important as they learn about, or review for the Unit.

When my students use these as review, I put them into small groups of three or four. They work together to complete the questions. Then students get into new groups and review their answers. I help guide them and help with questions that they can not come to an agreement on. This also works virtually with small groups of students on Zoom!

Five Stars!

The AP Biology Review Guide BUNDLE has 80 five star reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers! Here are what a few happy teachers have to say about it:

This has made my life so much easier, I wish I had this 15 years ago when I started teaching AP Biology. Perfect combination of the AP essential knowledge information and how to apply with pictures and graphs!          – Jenny B. November 22, 2021

I personally think this is such a great purchase for anyone teaching AP Biology! I bought it my first year and love the questions with the learning objectives right there. Students aren’t always excited to do it but they appreciate the ability to have practice questions that go with each learning objective. Sometimes the links on the last page don’t work but the seller is great at fixing them if needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.           – Victoria P.             September 13, 2021

This resource is amazing! I love how many options it gives me and my students! This is my first year teaching AP Bio and it has been so helpful!         – Samantha R.       August 15, 2021

Click the link to get the AP Biology Review BUNDLE for your classroom!
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