BUNDLE AP Chemistry Full Year Curriculum Review

A full year of AP Chemistry review / learning guides. Aligned exactly to the AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description! Works great as a Test Review or learning guide for your students. Each page was created in collaboration with a veteran AP Chemistry teacher of 30 years!

This resource is designed to help guide your AP Chem students to learn, study, and review every topic of all nine units. Students will know exactly what the College Board expects them to learn! Each Learning Objective and Essential Knowledge statement is written out on the left side of the paper, with focused, aligned, open ended questions on the right side for students to work through.

NO PREP! Print and go!

This resource covers every topic of all nine units of AP Chemistry: 

This product is fully editable. A complete and comprehensive answer KEY is included.

There are many ways to use this resource!

  • As a reading guide while going through the textbook
  • While going through a Unit as a working document, filling in the answers as they learn
  • To complete just before a Unit test as a study guide
  • At the end of the semester to prepare for the AP Chemistry Exam

Your AP Chemistry students benefit tremendously from having quick access to the Essential Knowledge standards and these guiding questions. After going through each set, they will feel confident they are ready for the Exam!

It is helpful to have students begin the Unit by going through the Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge statements, highlighting key vocabulary.  This gives them a good foundation to grow from, they know what to look for and what is important as they learn about, or review for the Unit.

Make review fun by challenging students to work together! When time allows, I put them into small groups of three or four. They work together to complete the questions. Then students mix up into new groups and review their answers. For grading, consider having each group submit just one student’s work. The trick is you pick the student – so everyone must have a completed packet! Sometimes student groups are assigned a handful of questions to present to the class. They show off their answers and take any questions their peers have about the topic.

Your students can complete the AP Chemistry question sets digitally with Google Docs or a PDF editor. Or, print and complete on paper. Each Unit starts on its own piece of paper so that they are easy to print! As a rule, each Units’ questions are arranged in tables so that there is NO wasted space! It is one of my pet peeves to print worksheets that have tons of wasted space!

This is a NEW product offered by Science of Curiosity! The question sets are formatted exactly like the AP Biologyand AP Environmental Science learning guides available from Science of Curiosity.

Here are what some Happy Teachers have to say about this AP Chemistry Review Bundle:

Five Stars!

I have used these graphic organizers with my AP Environmental Science students, and I LOVE THEM! I purchased all 9 units for APES. I used them as an outline for direct instruction of the material, and at the end of the year the kids had generated their own APES Exam Review Book! Awesome! I will be teaching AP Chemistry for the first time this school year, and am beyond thrilled that these units are being created! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!       – Sunday S.         June 29, 2021

This unit students were desperate for a study guide and even though I gave a list of concepts to know, this was a much better resource for them! This gave great, concentrated practice so that students could not only look at each individual unit topic but get a little taste of practice all in one document!                 – Casey K.           November 28, 2021My students love using this resource to study and prepare for the exam! Thank you!              – Brandy H.     December 1, 2021

Click the link to get the AP Chemistry Review Guides for your classroom!

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