AP Environmental Science FULL YEAR Review

AP Environmental Science Review and Learning Guides for full year – all Nine AP Environmental Science Units, aligned to the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description!

Works great to use as an Exam Review or as a Learning Guide as you go through a unit! This resource is designed to help guide your APES students to learn, study, and review each Topic in all Nine Units.

Students will know exactly what College Board expects them to learn. Each Essential Standard is written out on the left side of the paper, with focused, aligned, open ended questions on the right side for students to work through.

This BUNDLE includes all NINE Units for AP Environmental Science: 

Includes a full answer key for each Unit!

AND a digital copy of each unit, which you can send to students to complete online. Open it in Google Docs and then make a copy for your own Google Drive to edit as needed.

**BONUS** Save hours of time searching for resources to teach with! Purchase includes a list of links to 420 extra resources – arranged and organized for each unit topic. The list includes links to online interactive activities, video clips, and Lab ideas and classroom activities for your students.

Your AP Environmental Science students benefit tremendously from having quick access to the Essential Knowledge standards and these guiding questions. After going through each set, they will feel confident they are ready for the Exam!

This resource can be used several ways:

  • While going through a Unit as a working document, a learning guide, students can add to it as they read though the text book or listen to lecture
  • To complete just before a Unit test as a study guide
  • At the end of the semester to prepare for the AP Environmental Science Exam

It is helpful to have students begin each Unit by going through the Essential Knowledge itself, highlighting key vocabulary.  This gives them a good foundation to grow from, they know what to look for and what is important as they learn about, or review for the Unit.

When my students use these as review, I put them into small groups of three or four. They work together to complete the questions. Then students get into new groups and review their answers. I help guide them and help with questions that they can not come to an agreement on.

Five Stars!

The AP Environmental Science Review/Learning Guides has 26 five star reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers! Here is what a few happy teachers are saying about it:

This set of review sheets has been really helpful. The pages are attractive and nicely organized. The students find the questions helpful in recording notes during class lectures and while reviewing the texts. I find these materials well worth the money.           – Philip B.       March 18, 2021

I absolutely love this resource! This is my first year teaching APES and finding this was a lifesaver. It has everything you need and is adaptable to any situation/need. My students are loving the organization of the packet and the fact that they don’t have to submit work solely on a computer. Definitely recommend for veterans and first year teachers of APES.                 – Jamie T.             September 19, 2021

We’re filling these in as review at the end of each topic and saving them for review before the AP test. They’re a quick and easy gauge to see where the kids are.             – Dejah B.

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