Fun Genetics Vocabulary & Punnett Squares Interactive Google Slides Lesson!

Students learn genetics vocabulary (traits, hereditary, dominant, recessive) and Punnett Squares with this NO PREP digital resource. The information on these Google Slides is interactive with drag and drop activities. Use as a stand-alone lesson to teach the basics of Genetics, or a comprehensive reinforcement after an introduction to the concepts. 

Genetics Vocabulary explained:

  • Trait
  • Allele
  • Phenotype
  • Genotype
  • Homozygous Dominant
  • Homozygous Recessive
  • Heterozygous
  • Punnett Square

Your students will learn these concepts and then be challenged to use what they learned through interactive activities

  • Sort Genotypes as Heterozygous, Homozygous Dominant or Homozygous Recessive
  • Genotype vs Phenotype examples and definitions
  • Which Genotype would produce which Phenotype?
  • Which Phenotype would come from a given Genotype?

After learning how to work Punnett squares, they will complete six using drag and drop alleles, along with percent probability questions for each genotype and phenotype. 

This resource includes:

  • Google Slides set: 18 interactive Google Slides that teach students the basics of Punnett squares and genetics vocabulary
  • Full KEY to the Google Slides activity The Key can be used for grading by the teacher, or given to students to self-check their work. 
  • Basic Genetics Guided Notes sheet. One more way students will interact with the content. The notes can be printed or completed digitally in Google Docs. These notes are NOT simply copy-from-the-slide or fill-in-the-blank. They will challenge your students to take what they have learned and apply it. Notes can be completed while going through the Google Slide set, or given to students the following day as a review and reinforcement. 
  • KEY for the Notes 
  • Full Teaching Guide

The whole resource is 100% editable.

Click to see a preview of the Genetics Vocabulary and Punnett Square Slides!

Five Stars!

The Genetics Vocabulary and Punnett Squares Google Slides resource has twenty 5-star reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

What some happy teachers are saying about this product:

This resource saved me SO much time and was a great introduction and practice for my students. I liked the set up and thought it was easy to use for my students.               – Courtney I.        – March 26, 2021

This resource is INCREDIBLE for my mild/moderate Biology students. Punnett squares is difficult enough to teach online, this resource really helped. I love the way she did the readings and vocabulary words.            – Michelle H.      – February 5, 2021

This was a great resource during DL when I was trying to teach my students how to use a Punnett Square. Thank you for this resource.            – Kara M.         – July 2, 2021

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