Best Way to do Test Corrections: Simple & Engaging

Best Way to do Test Corrections

We all want our students to learn from their mistakes. Tests are not just a grade, but a measure of where student understanding is. We want to help fill in the gaps, which usually includes going over the test or test corrections. 

But what is the best way to do test corrections? I was searching for a way that truly helped students learn from their mistakes, but did not take up a lot of time. I needed a test correction method that was meaningful, and motivated even hard-to-motivate students.

And I found it!

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Classroom Management and the 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills: Teaching and Tracking GrowthThe Classroom Management Miracle and  21st Century Skills.

This post is the second in a series that began with a desperate need to adjust my classroom management approach.

I was losing control of my classroom.

After five years of teaching with little or no classroom issues, I was now facing the toughest group of students I have ever had the challenge of teaching.

My struggle led to a system that,

  • holds students accountable
  • tracks growth for those hard-to-measure 21st Century Skills (collaboration, communication, and conduct)
  • completely changed the behavior of this group of students  and saved my sanity!

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Points for Classroom Management in High School?

Points and classroom managementThis year I had a particularity  challenging class.  After just the first week of school I was desperate for a solution.  

The class was at the end of the day, they were tired from being at school for eight hours and just wanted out. Students consisted of mostly boys who were best of friends and loved to goof around, with no regard for me or the other students in the room.

All of my usual classroom management methods and relationship building was just not working and I could clearly see this class was slipping out of control.

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Five Step Game Plan for Teaching the First Day of School: Middle and High School

Five step game plan for teaching the first day of school.The first day of school is the single best opportunity to lay a foundation for the rest of the year. For new teachers it may feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be!

My first year, I was so nervous on my first day of school! To be honest, I still get nervous on the first day. But I have learned a lot, after making a lot of mistakes!

It is time to conquer the first day of school with these five bell-to-bell steps!

  • Set expectations before students enter the room – start in the hall
  • Use a seating chart
  • Assign something to do as soon as students come in
  • Give an Open Note Quiz on what they learn
  • Do a fun group activity!!

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