Cell Organelle Activity – Making Analogies to Random Things

This cell part activity is a fun way for students to be creative and think critically. One hundred precent digital and NO PREP– perfect for a Sub day. Fully editable! Feel free to add, delete, or change the slides to include different cell parts.

Instructions and examples are included in the student’s Google Slide deck to make your life just a bit easier!

Depending on your students, sometimes it is best that they do the activity on their own – but working in pairs or groups of three can lead to fun conversations and even debates about the best object for each analogy. It typically takes 45 minutes to complete, including time for students to share their analogies!

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Typically I let my Academic students choose objects that are analogies to the shape OR function of a cell part. My honors students must choose objects that are analogies to the function of the part only. This takes more thinking and leads to better understanding of the cell parts themselves. The instructions on the slides currently says ‘structure or function’ – but you may change that if you prefer!


It is fun to share what students have come up with. Time permitting, let your students pick their favorite 1-3 analogies to share with the class, or even to a small group of students. This also serves as additional reinforcement and review for the cell parts.

Consider even holding a contest for ‘best analogy’ – either overall or for each cell part. Extra credit for the winner(s) is a great motivator – be sure to tell students ahead of time so that they come up with their best analogies!

Includes a detailed Teaching Guide!

NOTE – if you are looking for a similar activity, but a bit more involved, check out Making Connections with Cell Parts. Students are tasked with choosing ANY object at home or at school and making an analogy with it to a cell part. Students take a picture of the object and embed it into the provided Google Slide template!

Five Stars!

What some happy teachers are saying about this product:

Love this cell part activity. My students really enjoyed creating their analogies and I did not have to stay and grade posters. The digital aspect of this activity was a win win.     – Anissa U.     October 24, 2021Love the digital aspect of this assignment and great way to use analogies to learn about cell parts.         – Lindsey M.    May 3, 2021

Great resource. Just the right amount of challenging.       – Olivia P.     August 3, 2021

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