ClassTag: New Favorite Tool for Teacher Communication with Parents & Students

Teacher communication with parents and students is always important. Somehow, though, I imagine that this coming year communication will be even more essential. There will likely be (many) days that I do not see my students in person. Parents will need to be in close connection with the workings of the classroom and the school. I need a communication tool that can do…a lot.

For the last few years, Remind101 has been my go-to for communication with parents and students, and I have loved it. But recently I stumbled on a new (new to me!) communication tool: ClassTag. 

I need to tell you, before you start reading and thinking this is too good to be free – it is FREE! Always free, all features free, free.

ClassTag is something like if Remind101, ClassDojo, SignUp Genius, and Google Calendar all had a baby…somehow.

I can not yet speak of experience, because I will be using it for the first time this year, but here is a summary of how ClassTag will help this teacher communicate with parents and students in the fall!

Just like Remind or ClassDojo, ClassTag allows teachers to send messages to a class list (group of parents or students) or to individuals, and they can message back.

BONUS – no character limit! I have to say, this alone would lead me to switch from Remind101…how many times have you re-written your message again and again to keep it under Remind’s character limit? No mor need 2 drp vowls & use #s as wds! 

Through ClassTag, teachers can send photos and videos (like ClassDojo) and attach files from your computer or Google Drive (like Remind).

Like SignUp Genius, you can set up wish lists and events (field trips! parent /teacher meetings!). Parents can sign up and select a time slot with one click – which will sync to Google Calendar, and send automatic reminders to your parents! Plus, set up weekly newsletters that auto-generate a list of upcoming important dates personalized to each parent! 

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Features The Others Don’t Offer

My new favorite tool for teacher communication with parents and students - ClassTag has the best features of Remind101, ClassDojo, and Signup Genius in ONE.

But there is more! When a parent or student signs up with your classroom, they will choose whether they want to receive your messages through email or text. Texts are sent to any type of phone, no App download necessary! AND they can choose up to 50 languages, and ClassTag will automatically translate your message! What!? 

ClassTag will even let you know when a student or parent has received your message. I can not tell you how many times I have sent out a Remind message and thought “I wonder if anyone even reads these.” Now I will know! Plus, it will be great for record keeping and data logging. No longer can a student say that she didn’t get the message about the homework!

ClassTag also compiles an alert list of students or parents who have not opened your messages in a while, or who’s contact information is not working anymore. 

More than a Teacher Communication Tool

So you are probably already thinking ClassTag is going to be your new best friend, but I have not even told you the most amazing part. 

Here it is: You can get FREE STUFF for your classroom!! They have partnered up with a handful of companies, including National Geographic, Random House Publishing, and HP. As you use ClassTag, you earn coins, which then you can redeem for classroom supplies, all within the ClassTag platform. 

Start off with 150 coins just by using a teacher referral link when you sign up. If you don’t have a referral link to use, use this one! 

Once you have signed up, email me your link and a bit about you/your classroom, and I will post yours here for others to use! We will share the love <3

Let us know what you think about ClassTag in the comments!

Do you have a different favorite tool for teacher communication with parents and students? Tell us about it in the comments!

3 Replies to “ClassTag: New Favorite Tool for Teacher Communication with Parents & Students”

  1. Jim Clark says:

    I have used Remind and I find it an excellent tool. Our students used Google Classroom last year, so anything with Google will reinforce what we learned last year.
    I teach grade levels 3-8 in Social Studies and Religion.

  2. Can you connect your bitemoji classroom to classtag?

    1. Kaen, yes, that is a great idea! Send the link to your Bitmoji Classroom though ClassTag as an announcement so that Parents can click on it and jump to your virtual classroom. Going the other direction, from your classroom, you can use an object (maybe the computer? or a sticky note?) to link to ClassTag to see announcements. People will still have to log in to their individual ClassTag accounts from there.

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