Forensic Files List – 30+ Episodes by Topic!

This Forensic Files List is the best way to find the episode you are looking for – one that is related to the topic you are studying!

‘Forensic Files’ Videos are FREE on the internet (YouTube, Peacock, imdb) – and a fantastic way to show your students Crime Scene Investigators in action!

My first year teaching Forensics I spent hours each weekend previewing episodes, looking for ones that matched the particular Evidence topic I was teaching that week. I compiled them into a Forensic Files list that I use every year – and now you can use it too!

This list includes 34 (and counting!) of my favorite episodes arranged by topic, and includes a short description of the case and evidence used to solve it. Each time I find another episode worthy of the list, it is added!

Topics Include – 

  • Trace Evidence (hair, fiber, paint, soil)
  • Fingerprints
  • Blood spatter
  • DNA (and mitochondrial DNA)
  • Impressions (shoe impressions, tire tread impressions)
  • Ballistics
  • Toxicology
  • Document examination and handwriting analysis
  • Explosives (pipe bomb, letter bomb)
  • Pathology
  • Anthropology
  • Entomology

Every episode on the Forensic Files List has been screened – 

I excluded any episodes that contained excessive language, nudity, or were overly graphic. There are three videos that include a word or image that may be too much for your students, so I have put a note and a time stamp beside them for you to be aware and maybe skip though that part.

Click this link to see a PREVIEW of the Forensic Files List!

Also, take advantage of this FREE resource to get the MOST learning out of each Forensic File episode! My students complete a Forensics True Crime Video Response Guide each time we watch one. It’s formatted to work with any episode, and is a great way to focus students’ attention to the Evidence in the case. The guide can also be used for True Crime articles and True Crime books!

Five Stars!

The Forensic Files List currently has more than 65 five star ratings in the Science of Curiosity Teachers Pay Teachers store. Here is what a few happy teachers have said about it:

Forensic File Fridays became a staple for our year, when we were on task for the week. I used this as.a bargaining chip. My kids love any opportunity to bring video. media into the classroom (esp if popcorn is involved haha). This is a worksheet that I could create myself, but SURE WAS GLAD I did not have to. I also love all of the video recommendations and how easy they are to find on YouTube!       – Hannah W.       July 31, 2021

I used clips from the shows as a hook into the lesson for the day. This resource is very helpful because everything is in one place and categorized according to concept within forensics.       – Jennifer W.       June 2, 2021

I love having this resource, I am able to easily find forensic files episodes on the subject that the class is currently learning. My students love forensic files.           – Vanessa T.         May 29, 2020

Click this link to get the Forensic Files List for yourself!

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