Google Forms in the Classroom for Students to Turn in Digital Work

Your students have created amazing digital work, but how do they get it to use google forms to collect digital student workyou? Turning it in via email means you have to wade through all of your normal emails to find the ones your students sent.

If you are anything like me….you end up missing a few, and spending extra time hunting them down!

But no longer! Google Forms to the rescue again!

When students create something digitally using a Google tool, like a Google Doc, or Google Slides, they can turn it in by uploading it to a Google Form.

This generates an organized list of files you can easily access. No more missing student email submissions or searching for shared documents!

use google forms for easy progress monitoring

Plus, Google Forms puts a time stamp on all submissions, so you will know what was turned in on time.

To make a Google Form for uploading, select ‘upload file’ as the question type.

Choose 'file upload' as the question type.
Choose ‘file upload’ as the question type.

***Teaching Tip!*** Always check to be sure your Google Form is working properly BEFORE giving it to your kids. Do this by using the “view” button at the top. Go though the whole thing just like you were a student. I have found SO many mistakes this way and saved myself a lot of trouble!

If your students are turning in something they made online, like a ThingLink, Sutori, Padlet, etc, you can make a Google Form and select ‘short paragraph’ as the question type. Your students simply paste the web link into the form and submit!

Want to see how this looks in real life? Check it out!

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