How to Make Digital Lessons with Google Forms

Here is a fast, simple way to make digital lessons using Google Forms! Google Forms provides an easy, organized way to present information and guide students through a lesson.

Digital lessons are great for differentiation for your students, making Distance Learning work, or when you turn over your class to a sub! BONUS: Free Google Forms digital lesson template available at the bottom of the post! Fully editable for use in your own classroom!


Make a Digital Lesson: Easy!

Start with your title of the lesson or assignment. Add a place for students to enter their first name, and then another place to enter last names. When grading, this will allow you to sort student responses by last name – which will make loading grades into the grade book faster!

For each step of the lesson, make a separate section by clicking on the symbol that looks like two parallel lines.

In this new section, type out all the information or instructions and questions for the first step, or part of the lesson. Then click the double bar symbol again to make another section for the second part! Easy!

Using sections in Google Forms to make Digital Lessons

Students will only see one section at a time, with a ‘next’ button to lead to the next section. They also have the option of going ‘back’ to a previous section if they need to.

This is what the students will see:

Example of a digital lesson question

Making the lesson like this is so helpful for your students, they  get just one part at a time and can’t get lost or miss something. 

Within a section, along with the instructions, you can add images by clicking the “image” icon to the right (looks like a mountain).

Or embed videos with the icon that looks like a square with a triangle in it. These videos could be from YouTube and contain content – or they can be video clips of you teaching or giving instructions.

Ask questions inside the Google Form about the information students are learning as they go.

I also like to ask questions to know students are mentally tracking along with what they are supposed to be doing!  For example, add a link and tell students to “go to this website and click on the red button” and they have to click the answer choice “okay! I did it!”

Ask questions in your digital lesson to track with students

***Teaching Tip!*** Always check to be sure your Google Form is working How to make Digital Lessons easily with Google Forms!properly BEFORE using it in the classroom. Do this by using the “view” button at the top (looks like an eye). Go though the whole thing just like you were a student. I have found SO many mistakes this way and saved myself a lot of trouble!

Sharing your Digital Lessons with Students

Click the ‘send’ button at the top. From here you can email the form to your

But there are many other options!

  • Link directly into your Google Classroom if you have one
  • Add the link to your website
  • Send a Remind101 with the link included
  • Copy the link address, go to, make a tiny url and put up in the front of the classroom for students to see

Share your Google Form lesson with students

Getting your Students’ Results

Once students submit their Google Form, you can see their work by clicking the ‘Results’ tab at the top.  Even better, click the green square near the top and open a Google Sheets with all of your student’s work in one place!

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Google Forms make it easy to see student work

Inside the spreadsheet, you can organize your students alphabetically by first or last name. Click on the column, then choose “sort A–>Z”. My grade book is in alphabetical order by last name – so I order my students this way and can put their grades in quickly!

Sort Student Results by Name for easy grading

Make Digital Lessons with this free template!

Click below for a quick FREE template to get started using Google Forms in the classroom!

Free Google Form Template for your own classroom lesson.
Free Google Form Template for your own classroom lesson.

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