Six Best Interactive Biology Websites!

If you are like me, you have spent hours trying out interactive biology websites, only to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Many of them are overly complicated, or require so many instructions that the message of the activity is lost to your students. 

Compiled here are six of the best interactive biology websites. These online activities are well designed and easy for students to understand. Post includes tips for how to use the activities with your students.

Jump to the bottom of this list for my very favorite interactive biology website!


Topics include: Evolution, Earth’s Climate, Cybersecurity, RNA, Clouds, the Sun. Educators Guides for each Lab provide a lot of great info and extra resources. 

Students can log in as a guest, or easily create an account which saves their work to come back to later.

Each lab includes a sequence of video clips with questions students can answer and get feedback from. Students can submit their ‘report’ by clicking ‘my lab report’ at the top right, choosing the lab they are working on, and then save the webpage as a PDF (‘print’ then ‘save as PDF’ or Save to Google Drive). The PDF can then be sent to the teacher. 

Interactive games align with the Labs and offer students another way to interact with content and go deeper with their learning. The games are involved, though not overly complicated, but will take time. Sometimes I have students just complete part of a game, rather than the whole thing.

To ‘turn in’ their work, I ask for a screenshot of their progress, which they can see by clicking the ‘man’ icon at the top left of the game screen.

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Utah Genetics

Topics include: Genetics, Neuroscience, Plants, Cells, Evolution

Utah Genetics is one of the best free online interactive sites for Science…ever. The website offers articles, video clips, and interactives which teachers can choose for different levels and needs of their students. The resources are very well organized by topic and layer information, allowing you to go deeper, or stay simple. 

Biology Interactive Wesbsite activity

When you select a topic, the button at the top right will bring you to some additional resources and ready-made student sheets. Keep it digital by letting your students complete the sheet online using Kami or some other PDF editing tool!

Often I will make up my work worksheet or Google Form to go along with an activity. One I use every year is Go Go Stem Cells!

HHMI Biointeractive: 

Topics Include: Bimolecules, Evolution, Cells, Anatomy, Ecology, Genetics, and Anatomy

An amazing resource, full of videos, activities, and interactives that cover Biology and Ecology topics. The best part of Biointeractive: connection to the real world! Real science, real data, real experts in bite sized pieces that are easy for students to understand. 

Resources are searchable by topic, type, and level. If you are looking for AP resources, this is a great place to find them!

Most articles and activities provide ready to use student response sheets in PDF form. Keep it paperless by having students answer on Kami or another PDF editor! 

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Biology Corner: Virtual Labs created by Glencoe

Topic Include: A huge selection of Biology, Earth Science and Physical Science virtual labs!

Each interactive activity comes with instructions to the left. Most have a journal with short answer questions, and a data table.

The unfortunate thing about these questions and tables is….student work is not saved. Even within the same session. If the table gets closed, all data is lost!

To get around this, I have students write on their own paper, or own digital document. That saves many tears!

All of the Glencoe interactive biology labs are well designed and focus students on the important parts of the activity. 

Lab Bench: by Pearson

Topics Include: All things Biology! From Transpiration to Population Genetics. Subjects are best suited for Honors or AP Biology students.

Lab Bench goes deep into each subject, providing background knowledge and practice of concepts before the lab part. For high level students, Lab Bench can even be used to introduce a new topic.

Online biology interactive website to learn cladograms!

Questions are asked along the way, both multiple choice and short answers. Students click the ‘check answer’ button to see if they are on the right track, but student responses are not recorded. 

When using Lab Bench, I make up a quick Google Form for students to complete as they go through, just to keep them accountable. 

My favorite Biology interactive website – BioMan Interactive

Topics Include: Body Systems, Cells, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Scientific Method, Respiration and Photosynthesis

BioMan is my favorite biology interactive website because the activities are fun, simple, and focused. BioMan activities can be used as an introduction to a topic, as reinforcement or review. Each game includes information and built in question sets. Student answers are even recorded and stored on BioMan!

Teachers can create an account on the website. When students complete the activity, they have the option of emailing their score to you or submitting it to a registered teacher. When you log in to the BioMan account as a teacher, all of your student’s work and scores are available in one place – it is great! 

Do you have any favorite interactive biology websites? Let us know about it in the comments! 

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