Six Best Interactive Biology Websites!

teach biology interactive websites

If you are like me, you have spent hours trying out interactive biology websites, only to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Many of them are overly complicated, or require so many instructions that the message of the activity is lost to your students. 

Compiled here are six of the best interactive biology websites. These online activities are well designed and easy for students to understand. Post includes tips for how to use the activities with your students.

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Collect Digital Work with Google Forms: Digital Classroom Idea!

Collect digital work easily with Google Forms

My teaching life changed after learning this super simple way to collect digital work from students. Organized and all in one place, so easy to access and grade!

My students used to send me an email with links to their digital work, but that meant me constantly searching though my inbox to find missing assignments!

But no longer! Google Forms to the rescue again!

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