4 Ways to Build Relationships During Distance Learning

Four ways to build relationships during distance learning

Many of us are starting the school year doing virtual classes. It is a tough situation – for a lot of reasons. I think the worst part is how difficult it will be to connect with my students. This blog post came out of a deep need for ways to build relationships during distance learning. It is also a sincere invitation to offer your own ideas that we can all benefit from.

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ClassTag: New Favorite Tool for Teacher Communication with Parents & Students

ClassTag: The perfect all-in-one tool for teacher parent communication

Teacher communication with parents and students is always important. Somehow, though, I imagine that this coming year communication will be even more essential. There will likely be (many) days that I do not see my students in person. Parents will need to be in close connection with the workings of the classroom and the school. I need a communication tool that can do…a lot.

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Best Way to do Test Corrections: Simple & Engaging

Best Way to do Test Corrections

We all want our students to learn from their mistakes. Tests are not just a grade, but a measure of where a student’s understanding is. We want to help fill in the gaps. This usually includes going over the test, or some form of test corrections. 

But what is the best way to do test corrections? I was searching for a way that truly helped students learn from their mistakes, but did not take up a lot of time. I needed a test correction method that was meaningful, and motivated even hard-to-motivate students.

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Increase Learning And Save Time Grading!

We all want to save time grading.  But is it possible to give assignments that not only help your students learn more, Save Time Grading and Increase Learningbut reduce the time it takes to grade them? Yes it is!

I often feel overwhelmed by piles of student work. While I use Google Forms for quick and frequent formative assessment, multiple choice does not show the depth of student knowledge (or misconceptions) that you need to know in order to help your students.

Giving assignments that require reflection and critical thinking are crucial for student understanding and growth. The only trouble is grading those assignments! They are so time consuming!

But they don’t all have to be. Here are a few quick tweaks you can make to assignments you already have that will lead to both greater learning and save time grading!

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Time Saving Ideas for Teachers

Time is a four letter word for some teachers. It is the one thing we all wish we had more of. We need more time to get to the end of our to-do list – the daily tasks of planning, grading, and paperwork. But even more than that, we want  time outside of school, with our family and friends, or just by ourselves and a good book (or Netflix!).

The clock does not have to be our worst enemy- use a few of these time saving ideas for teachers and you can get a lot of that time back, and use it however you want!

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Five Easy Meals for Teachers (or anyone else)

Five easy meals for teachers Its been a long day, molding young minds, making big differences, encouraging and inspiring. You have taught hard, graded tirelessly, and planned lessons for eight plus hours. You are ready to go home and relax.

But then the dreaded thought crosses your mind (or one of your offspring asks), “What’s for dinner?”

Making dinner is the last thing you want to tackle right now, but don’t be tempted to hit the drive through!

With these fast and easy meals for teachers, you will make a dinner you can be proud of, without spending the whole evening in the kitchen.

Each main course has just five ingredients (just one exception), and takes 30 minutes or less to make.

Plus, the total grocery bill for this whole week’s worth of meals is under seventy dollars! To feed a family of four – with leftovers for lunch the next day!

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Collect Digital Work with Google Forms: Digital Classroom Idea!

Collect digital work easily with Google Forms

My teaching life changed after learning this super simple way to collect digital work from students. Organized and all in one place, so easy to access and grade!

My students used to send me an email with links to their digital work, but that meant me constantly searching though my inbox to find missing assignments!

But no longer! Google Forms to the rescue again!

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