FREE True Crime/Forensic Files Video Guide

This FREE one page Forensic Files video guide will work with almost any true crime video or article.

In my Forensic Science class, we have ‘Forensic File Friday’ every week, where I show them an episode of Forensic Files that aligns with whatever evidence topic we are learning about at the time. It is a great chance for them to see real CSI in action solving true cases. But I want it to be time well spent! So I made this Response sheet for them to fill out as they watch.

Forensic Files Video Response Guide

This response sheet guides them to pay attention to not just the crime, but the Forensic evidence found by CSI and how that evidence was used in the case.

There are tons of Forensic Files episodes can be found on YouTube and other video platforms for FREE!

For a list of the best free videos, organized by topic, check out the ’Forensic Files’ Episode Guide – 30+ Episodes List! Plus, every episode is screened – no inappropriate content!

Five Stars!

The Forensic Files video guide currently has 10 four and five star ratings in the Science of Curiosity Teachers Pay Teachers store. Here is what a few happy teachers have said about it:

When we have extra time I play Forensic Files. This is a great “one fits all” document for any FF video. It helps students understand why the episode is important and keeps them organized.          – Erica I.       September 19, 2021

Perfect worksheet to use so students can follow long with video. It is also a wonderful worksheet to use when students have to solve a crime and need a temples to follow. Thank you!           – Rachael P.       December 3, 2020I love this resource because it keeps my students engaged with the episode!              – Ruth H.       September 10, 2021

Click the link and head to Science of Curiosity on Teachers Pay Teachers to get the Forensic Files video guide!

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